Roger Willis with another scale gem         Mike Taibi with Sal's 900                Sal Taibi at CD Table
Al Richardson launches his Orwick powered Sailplane    Bernie Crowe launches his neat F1Q Electric FAI
Our Late friend Bill Burt with 1/2 A Duster            Mark Eddingfield with his Texaco model Super Cyke Power
     Bob Meltzer and his Flying Wing           Bernie Crowe and Hal Cover at '53 Flyoff recreation        Norm Furutani displays Powerhouse
      Dan Heinrich with ED powered Wasp                                Carl Redlin launches his Super Cyclone powered Sailplane
             Jim Hurst With Ram Rod                                                   Ken Kaiser ready to launch his Texan
                Mark Stanbridge winds his Korda Wakefield.                                        Tom Barnett launching his fine rubber scale model
     Al Bowman with 1/2 A Gas model                   Skip Robb with rubber small model                    Dick Drake with .010 Starduster
  John Donelson launches his Coupe            Abe Gallas visited us from Kansas - Perris, CA                 Allan Arnold with rubber ship
     Jeff Carman launching his OS powered Texan            Dave Brown with rubber sport model             Bruce Augustus with So Long
                The late Bill Cohen with his Comet Clipper                               Tim Firster launching a 2-bit rubber model at 2007 USFFC
           Charles Primbs w/destroyed Senator                        Dick Smith with his electric powered Playboy, nice flying model
                  John Delevoryas with Burdov's P-30 "Pirate".                              Bob Beecroft working on his Bridgeport Milling Machine
Tom White holds Bernie Crowe's F1Q
Fred Welsh wioth his Pixy at Perris, 2008.
                   Tom Barnett at Perris, CA late 2008                                Ship Robb with another of his fine built small rubber models
        Carl Redlin displays impressive Gollywock
     Fernando Ramos and his new Red Zephyr, NICE!                   Com'n at ya is Bob Goldie launching his Boxall at Perris, CA
Allan Arnold, Kevin Sherman, Joe Jones & Gary Sherman display the models used to compete in SCAMPS monthly club contest, this time ABC OT Fuselage event
Larry Bagalini (with model) & Mike Pykelny Prepping for an F1G flight at our March 2009 club contest
    Caley Hand with her new Senator
Gary Sherman with Starduster 900
Gary & Kay Sherman 2009 SAM Champs
Hal Cover with his 2010 Taibi contest winning Gollywock            Phil Ronney shows his beautiful OS Max powered Ramrod
Hal Cover's awesome flying Pomona Champ                            John Riese with is winning alert, Ed Rueben in background
Don Sherman won Powerhouse Event, Taibi 2010 with Tommy Sherman      Sal Taibi and Betty Moke at the 2010 Taibi Contest
Hal Wightman CDs at the 2010 Taibi Contest    Milon Viel and Allen Heinrcih in the middle of solving the world's problems!
Sal Taibi poses with Hal Wightman and Hal's full size Powerhouse                             Al RIchardson with his NOS Rubber model
This photo was aranged by Hal Wightman at the 2010 Taibi Contest, the gathering of BIG models.  From l to r, Fernando Ramos, Milon Viel, Hal WIghtman, Ted Firster, Don Sherman & little Tommy Sherman, and Al RIchardson
Ted Hidinger with his Lucky Lindy 1000
     Vic Cunnyngham with is record setting Spacer.
January 12, 2013 Taibi Fun Fly to honor Sal Taibi. Over 60 Taibi designed models and about 50 in attendance!  Great Day great fun!