Gene Wallock launches his Orr Cheiftan at 2006 Sam Champs. Muncie Indiana
Sal Taibi launches his newest design, Perris Special
     Hal Wightman with MG-2, Sherman Patstone with Miss Philly
Hal Cover launches his Smoothie
Clint Brooks with neat biplane                Bob Watzke with his own design
Gary Sherman with Corben Super Ace for SAM Gas Scale
           Fernando Ramos with Small Hayseed                            Tom Carman with B Spacer                  Bob Goldie with rubber model
Roger Willis with Scale ship     Ron Thomas and C Hayseed          Skip Robb with 1/2 A Powerhouse   Milon Viel with New Ruler
George Walter with Miss Canada     Hal Cover with Pomona Champ
Our late friend Jim Adams, who helped make the SCAMPS the success it is, ROGs his rubber ship
Gary Sherman's self designed old ruler, "Blue Up"                         Allan Arnold launches one of his fine rubber models
Hal Cover launching his BIG Gool, Fox 59 power                       Daniel Heinrich with his "Seasoned" winning Cavu 1/2 A Texaco
Sal Taibi launching his Forster .99 powered Powerhouse.  Here are a couple neat vintage shots of the modeling phenom, Sal Taibi
Allen Heinrich w/Nostalgia model Gary Sherman w Fokker D-VIII   Eric Strengell with his Zipper              Bob Goldie launching his Bilgri
Tom Hammond with Brooklyn Dodger              Milon Viel with his beautiful red silk New Ruler                      Jim Adams with SCAMPS                                                                                                                                                                  Texaco trophy
             The king of decorative tissue, Ken Kaiser with his Sandy Hogan                                      Joe Jones with his Playboy Senior
          Bob Oslan with Rearwin Speedster?                                 Hal Wightman launches his Forster .99 powered Powerhouse
Gathering of Powerhouses at our SCAMPS Taibi Annual Contest.  From left to Right, Allan Arnold, Hal Cover, Hal Wightman, Walt Huhn, Sal Taibi, Ted Firster, Milon Viel, Kevin Sherman, Don Sherman, Gary Sherman
Hal Wightman with Albatros              Dick Zacman with his Ram Rod Nostalgia ship      Ron Thomas Fires McCoy 60 powered Sailplane
Carl Redlin with Brooklyn Dodger            Kevin and Gary Sherman with their Lanzo Bombers              Jim Hurst VTOs his Ram Rod 600
Joe and Linda Jones with Racer              Bud Romak readies his Strato Streak                     Tom Laird with his 1/2 A Ram Rod
           Bernie Crowe with Gollywock                        Ted Firster with Luck Lindy         Bud Romak shows his very nice Brooklyn Dodger
Larry Davidson with his Dodger and his Civy Boy, shots from his lake front home, Virgina.  Roger Coleman with his own design The Alien
             Ted Firster with his Tow Line Glider                             Tom Lay with Jumbo Rubber model        Dan Heinrich with his Maverick
Bernie Crowe with self-designed Mulvihill, Bernie launching his Maxie at our Perris flying site                  Al Cron launches Spacer
  Gary and Kay Sherman w/Spacer    Don Kaiser displays his Veco 19 powered Top Banana       John Riese & Ed Reuben w/Dodgers
Dick Drake with Perris Special     Charlie Yost ROGs his unmistakeable model, the Wedgy       Tom Carman with his awesome Spacer
Steve Grande with his Perris Special           Norm Furutani with 1/2 A Starduster    Kevin Sherman with his McCoy 60 powered Saiplane
Larry Davidson with his awesome Westerner          Roger Willis with his BA Cabin              Our late friend Don Sievwright, Perris CA
         Ray Peel with 1/2 A Spacer
Dr. Donald Chapton with his Civy Boy 61
l to r, Bernie Crowe, Ted Firster, Tom Barnett and Alan Arnold Mass launch at our recent contest in the P-30 event.
Pat Schreffler with is Hunter power Alert
Larry Bagalini with Elfin 2.49 powered Starto Streak